The Payroll and Information Reporting Committee (PIRC) focuses on issues related to electronic and paper-based filing in the following areas:

  • Unemployment Taxes (Federal/State)
  • Withholding taxes (Federal/State)
  • W-2s and 1099s
  • Affordable Care Act (1094s/1095s)

The committee provides a forum for discussion of issues of mutual concern between federal and state taxing authorities and member companies. Discussions include electronic filing; automated and manual return processing; forms design, distribution, and approval, security and maximizing government compliance.

Key initiatives currently being addressed by the committee include:

  • Promoting support for bulk electronic filing submissions
  • Reducing the burden caused by excessive enrollment requirements
  • Encouraging the acceptance of substitute forms
  • Advocating for the uniformity of e-file initiatives across the industry

Recent projects directed by the committee include:

  • Assisting IRS with the implementation of ACA 1095 reporting
  • Participating in the Strategic Threat Assessment and Response (STAR) work group to develop security controls for the payroll industry
  • Monitoring and providing guidance on the development of new electronic filing systems
  • Developing standard W-2/1099 XML schemas in conjunction with the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) E-Standards group
  • Initiating the removal of the Form Producer EIN requirement on substitute W-2 and 1099 forms to decrease opportunities for business identity theft
  • Generating the agenda with IRS for monthly payroll calls
  • Increasing compliance of state W-2/1099 reporting by gaining a better understanding of the requirements
  • Publishing electronic filing guidelines and form design standards
  • Developing a simple, uniform W-2/1099/1095 correction process
  • Encouraging state agencies to allow testing in order to achieve smoother processing
  • Promoting NACTP-supported business models with the FTA
  • Actively working with IRS to improve testing scenarios and the basic certification process

A brochure for the Payroll and Information Reporting Committee can be found here.