Membership Benefits

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We provide valuable networking opportunities with other NACTP members and member organizations as well as state, local and federal government officials.

Please see our industry brochure here.

We also maintain a database of 4-digit vendor ID numbers. Vendors apply these numbers to their substitute tax forms and software products enabling the revenue agencies to easily identify which vendor produced which form. This ID number is unique to each vendor across all tax types and jurisdictions. A vendor does not need to be an NACTP member to be assigned a vendor ID number. To request an NACTP vendor ID number, click the link below:

NACTP Vendor ID Request Form

NACTP membership provides access to "Member's Only" resources through our website:

  • IRS/States/Locals/SSA to networking opportunities and contact listings
  • Subscription to the NACTP listserv which provides the following benefits:
    • Early draft release via e-mail of forms and instructions
    • Early release via e-mail of EF specifications and test publications
    • Easy way to keep up-to-date with upcoming NACTP meetings
    • Receive up to date information from IRS/States/Locals/SSA
  • Access to IRS and State and Local tax documents and publications
  • Opportunity to participate in one or all NACTP Committees
  • Opportunity to attend NACTP conferences and meetings

Dues are $1,000 annually. Membership cycle is August 1 through July 31. To apply for NACTP membership, click the link below.