The Electronic Filing Committee focuses on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and State individual and business electronic filing topics and promotes standardization across the agencies. To accomplish this task, the committee provides a forum for discussion of issues of mutual concern between the IRS, State government agencies, and member companies. Discussions include current electronic filing issues, recommendations for standardization in both the legacy and modernized electronic filing environment, and position papers that provide recommendations regarding electronic filing issues.

Key Initiatives currently being addressed by the committee include:

  • Continued standardization of electronic filing specifications for both legacy and modernized electronic filing environments
  • Annual position papers with recommendations to IRS on improving the electronic filing experience
  • Provide feedback regarding yearly developments with the states regarding their electronic filing systems and processes
  • Continue to work to strengthen the partnership between the software industry, IRS and State agencies through meetings, conference calls and written communications throughout the year
  • Modernized E-File State and Federal Schema Development – Participates in Tax Information Group for EC Requirements Standardization (TIGERS) in the development of business and individual state XML Schemas and with the IRS MEF Working Group in the development of federal business and individual XML schemas

Recent projects directed by the committee include:

  • International ACH Transaction – met with the Federation of Tax Administrators to engage states/committee members to help with common understanding and consistency of implementation
  • Participation/input on various IRS/state panels/meetings to provide the software industry perspective
  • Heading off upcoming filing season issues by providing direct input to IRS/States during the testing phase prior to the start of the filing season
A brochure for the Electronic Filing Committee can be found here.