The Sales & Use Tax Committee offers an opportunity for dialogue between taxing authorities and member companies regarding issues that concern both parties. Discussions include forms design, distribution, and approval; electronic filing best practices; automated and manual return processing; and maximizing taxpayer compliance and accuracy.

The Sales & Use Tax Committee speaks with a unified voice of industry vendors to partner with taxing authorities to resolve issues of mutual concern.

The Sales & Use Tax Committee works with state and local agencies researching and developing the electronic filing process. The goal of the Sales & Use Tax Committee is to increase taxpayer adoption of electronic filing by making it less complicated to implement, easier for a taxpayer to process and error free.

Targeted Topics

  1. eFile
  2. Amended return options
  3. Registration
  4. Data Entry

Communication from Jurisdiction:

  1. Protocol for notifications and issue resolution
  2. Adequate advance notice
  3. Types of Communication
    • Filing requirements
    • Payment requirements
    • Reporting requirements
    • Legislative changes

Working closely with NACTP provides the following benefits:

Smoother, more cost efficient implementations

- Use the NACTP as an additional resource for early review of forms, file specifications, and processing requirements prior to implementation.

- Our members have extensive domain expertise.

Simplified communication channels

- Broadcast vital information to all of your industry partners from a single distribution list.

- Request and receive industry feedback from a single point of contact.

- Work with an assigned liaison person dedicated to addressing your agency’s critical issues.

Expand your "library" of best practices and lessons learned

- Over the years, the NACTP has become a natural repository of business and technological best practices and lessons learned through the collective experiences of its members.

A brochure for the Sales and Use Tax Committee can be found here.